Career Profile

Software and art engineering I started my career as a research engineer at INRIA, and in the same time I was part of a digital art association. I am now a freelancer and artist. This makes me an exotic developer able to quickly adapt to very different environments.


Research engineer

July 2019 - Present
Inria, Rennes

My first missions in the Empenn team consisted in the integration of Boutiques in medInria and Shanoir. I am currently working for the OFSEP, in charge of evaluating segmentation tools to detect multiple sclerosis lesions. More generally, the context of my mission is the HD Cohort which aims at determining the predicting factors of the evolution of the disease.

Full-stack developer

August 2018 - July 2019
AM, Rennes

I developed the Collective Thinking platform and published some reflexions about online cooperation. The goal is to federate multiple communities (with academic researchers, digital actors and users) to study cultures (uses, behaviors) and technologies (tools, platforms) which favor collective intelligence.

Digital Artist / Full-stack developer

2016 - Present

I designed and developed Comme un Dessein, an interactive installation composed of a web interface on which anybody can draw and vote, and a large scale vertical plotter which draws the result of the general will. The purpose of this artwork is to talk about participative democracy and the emerging horizontal and collaborative practices.

Software Engineer

2015 - 2017
ProCore 3D

ProBuilder is a Unity for building and editing 3D objects, directly in the level editor. The goal of this project was to develop a similar plugin for UnrealEngine to provide quick, simple and powerful modeling tool to create real time interactive 3D applications for the video game industry, and potentially for architects and object designers.

Interactive application engineer

2012 - 2016
La Sophiste, Rennes

Developed video jockey software and algorithms for music festivals, and interactive kinect applications for artistic events. The teamwork enabled me to dive into new media art world, and to grasp involved technologies like Openframeworks, WebGL, GLSL, OpenCL, OpenGL, and Quartz Composer.

Full-stack developer

2014 - 2015
AM, Rennes

I always wanted to study and exploit the potential of the internet. More specifically I am interested in the way people collaborate and create together. Hence I started working on Romanesco, a collaborative drawing application based on an infinite canvas. The goal of this project is also to bring developers together to create a wide library of diverse drawing tools.

Computer vision research engineer

February 2013 – August 2014
INRIA, Rennes

Developed a logo detection and identification system in the context of the European project FIIA, a collaboration between the french research laboratory INRIA and the Icelandic computer vision company Videntifier. This project was a perfect occasion to put the computer vision theory I learned into practice. During this 18 months I enhanced my skills in OpenCV and Qt, and I coped with engineering project management.

Website developer

2009 - Present
AM, Rennes

(,,,, Web development requires a wide range of skills. From graphic design, soft ergonomics to speed optimization and maintainability, web design is immature and complex, thus challenging and interesting.

Skills & Proficiency

Typescript, Javascript, CoffeeScript

C++ (OpenGL, OpenCV, Qt, etc.)


Python (Django, Pillow, etc.)



Php (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.)

3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Adobe creative suite