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Posted on 2 mins read

Flou + Lent = Flan.


What becomes a sound when it is blurred?

Flan tries to answer this question by generating two things: - sharp patterns - sounds corresponding to those patterns

The link between the sounds and the patterns is simple: - triangles: sounds based on triangle waves - circles: sounds based on sine waves - rectangles: sounds based on square waves

A sound is generated for each line of the pattern. The vertical position of the line will influence the pitch (frequency) of the sound. The sound waves are modulated by frequency. The nombre of patterns on a line will determine the frequency of the carrier wave. The height of the pattern will impact on the volume of the corresponding sound.

The duration of the sounds depends on the width of the resulting image.

Image and sound can both be blurred simultaneously, showing this effect of blur on both medias.

The filter which is applied is a gaussian blur it is applied on the generated signal.


  • increase/decrease the maximum number of symbols on a line : left/right
  • increase/decrease the number of lines : up/down

The user interface enables to change the size of the pattern area, the number of symbols per line and the number of line, the amount of blur, and the volume.


To try

  • with one line only
  • with one symbol only
  • try the impact of frequency modulation on the sound wave
  • with a large number of lines
  • with a large number of symbols
  • with a very large area and then a very small one
  • see the influence of the blur on the sound wave