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Posted on One min read

The website of Indiens Dans La Ville is online!

The minimalist CMS behind this minimalist site is ghost.js.

This node.js framework works well but it lacks of important features : media management (finding, sorting, deleting, resizing, displaying images) and internationalization / multilingual tools.

I used the theme Vapor which you can see in action on Hipster Ghost.

I also used the PhotoSwipe image gallery, very efficient and minimalist, which require a bit of work to set up.

Because there are no tools to handle multiple languages, I had to develop a script which modifies the content of the website depending on the selected language. The content in the selected language is kept on the page while the other part is removed ; this results in a blinking of the page. To bypass this problem I added a progressive display (crossfade from white to black) in CSS and javascript.

In the end, I like this very simple website, I am glad it was worth the effort and it serves nice content.