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Interactive Crowd

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Interactive Crowd

Interactive crowd

This design project is an attempt to provide interaction between a crowd of people and a large scale application (video projection mapping). Interactive installations generally provide controlers to a few individuals (

The idea of Interactive crowd is to provide simple and cheap controlers to anybody in the crowd.

Different versions

In the first version, controlers are simple laser LEDs which display a dot on the artwork (typically a video projection on a building) which are tracked with a camera. So each controler acts as a mouse cursor.

In a second version, controlers work with accelerometers (and gyroscope) in the same way the wii Nunchuck works.

Duck Hunt

A laser controler was developed at the LabFab (FabLab of Rennes), and a hack of duck hunt was built to test it ; and it works perfectly!

More about this project on the french article and on the LabFab blog