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Odyssée Urbaine

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Robograff - Odyssée Urbaine 2016

Music : Funky DL & Nujabes - Don’t even try it

At the Odyssée Urbaine Festival in 2016, IDLV began a project which was thought at the very beginning of the tipibot story: for the first time, the robot will use a spray paint to draw!

For this project, the collective met children at the Sonia Delaunay primary school and proposed them to draw the nature of their dream : plants, trees, flowers… Children were involved in a creative process, through the dicovery of an artistic practice and the usage of digital technologies. The goal of this project was to unveil children the power of their imagination and to encourage them to trust their artistic potential.

After having collected and digitalized the artworks thanks to a graphics palette ; each drawing was scaled-up and reproduced on the frontage of the school, in the form of a fresco reminding the imagination of the children.


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