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Glasses Prototype

Posted on 2 mins read

I started building experimental glasses after trying the amazing 3D printed glasses by Quentin Orhant.

First, I created multiple 3D models with Blender. I thought about creating a 3D tool to generate models directly from 2D bezier curves, then I tried Optimaker, then I decided to create my own handcrafted 3D models.

Then I realized that I like minimalistic shapes ; so I did a first 2D test with 3mm poplar plywood sheets and the CNC of the IDLV ( artist collective. The result was not perfect, I had to sand the wook after the rough CNC cut, but it was motivating.

I then made other tests with a laser-cutting machine, much faster (35 seconds !) and cleaner. I then ordered for 5 euros some spectacle lenses adapted to my eyes at the proper dimensions from my glasses, and I bought some neodyme magnets to replace the hinges.

This allowed me to make plenty of prototypes to find the perfect shape for my head : )

Then I bought wood veneer (1 euro for A4 sheets), and I cut and stuck five 0.6 mm sheets together. The three sheets in the middle have larger holes to insert the lenses. I used the negative / remaining part of 3mm plywood that I had to guide and stuck the sheets together precisely.

I made two prototypes with wood veneer; I just had to put an angle when I stuck the magnets so that the branch are not perpendicular to the glasses but have a wider angle to reach the ears (the head is larger between the ears than between the eyes).

And that’s it, < 10 euros glasses, perfectly working ; I am pretty happy with the final result!


Please feel free to contact me to have write access to the Figma or for any other information.